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Getting Started

How do I start adding/editing content?

  • When you first open the designer, the layouts panel is open on the left. Each layout is a standalone piece of content you can add to your email and change to meet your needs. If you are not sure what a particular layout is for, hover the mouse over it to find out what it is. Drag a layout from that panel into the main email design area in the middle of the screen. When you see a wide blue placeholder on-screen, you can release the mouse button to drop the layout there. See "Layouts" section below for more information on Layouts.

How do I edit the contents in a panel?

After you have added a layout from the left into the design area in the middle, click the panel to select it. Once selected, a dotted line will appear around the panel.
To edit the text click onto the text and the content editor will open. From here you can update the text and change fonts/colors. 

What are the icons at the top right while I'm editing a layout?

From left to right:
  • Delete - deletes the line.
  • Copy - copies the line into the space below.
  • Edit - opens the advanced content editor.
  • Move Line Up - moves the selected line up (swapping it with the line above)
  • Move Line Down - moves the selected line down (swapping it with the line below)
  • Close - deselects the panel, saving your changes.

What are the buttons at the top of the designer?

From left to right:
  • CSS - View the CSS for the email.
  • Styles - Open the Styles panel on the left.
  • Done - Close the designer and return to the design list (if you have unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save first).
  • Deselect Panel - Deselect the panel you are working with (only visible if a panel is selected).
  • Save - Save your latest changes.
  • Preview - Open a preview of the email in a popup window.
  • Preview Mobile - Open a preview of the email in a narrow window, simulating a smaller screen.
  • Test Email - Open the test panel, allowing a test email to be sent.
  • Upload Images - Open the "Upload Images" panel.
  • FAQ - This page.